After a small time out I'm pleased to announce that commission work will recommence in the new year, March 15th 201. In the meantime I will be sorting out details on this page and adding some galleries.

Welcome to the My miniatures painting service. A Small Matter's focus is directed towards smaller sets of very well painted units such as command elements, camp sets, CinC's, artillery (ancient included), elite troop bases etc. Basically pieces that are worth the extra effort, that can double as a quite respectable display piece on your mantle or desk. Use them to distract opponents and pre-occupy associates, business rivals and uninvited relatives! So if you find your not getting enough time to paint your miniatures or you simply have too many figures to paint and you like what you see on this blog, then maybe I can help.

Send an email via paintpig at gmail etc and lets see if we can come to an arrangement and get some of those special troops painted, to a good standard and at a reasonable price.

Figures by Gripping Beast destined for an Italo-Norman army


All commissions will be priced on application but please let me give you some ballpark prices before we get too carried away, the prices are a guide only because as we know figure detail and quality varies between manufacturers, between seemingly similar periods and of course uniforms detail.


40/54mm single figure $15 a single horse and rider $22 and a single horse without rider $16

25/28/30mm single figure on foot $10 a single horse and rider $15 and a single horse without a rider $10

20mm single figure on foot $7.00 a single horse and rider $11.50 and a single horse without rider $8.00

For the aficionados and collectors there is a display quality service, unfortunately I cant give a ball park figure as the piece would have to be seen (photo's would do) and a price determined on the intricacies of the sculpt and of course setting etc. This service is offered for 28mm, heroic scale (nominally 32mm), and 40mm figures only. (rule of thumb add at least 50% onto the prices above)

Remember price will be negotiated on application, prices may vary slightly with brands and again according to period. Part payment is expected up front for new customers, 50% before commencement with the balance due on completion, assuming you want to see your miniatures alive again? As we get to know one another payment will not be required "up front" before work commences, however it will be required before return postage.

I will return figures via 1st class signed post or as you suggest otherwise, either is at your expense.


Naturally all figures are primed and base coated as you would expect and good quality acrylic paint is used throughout, Reaper, Vallejo Game/Model Colour and GW (occasionally enamels and oils are used to achieve some effects). Good quality clear lacquers in matte, satin or gloss are used to protect and enhance the finished miniature, yes that's right satin and gloss, for those that like the classic war gaming look.

Detailed paintjob on a Perry Austrian Officer


Unfortunately I do not have an encyclopedic mind or a municipal sized library of militaria at my disposal, it is up to the customer to make it very clear either by supplied illustrations or links to on line sources when it comes to uniforms etc., I can not stress this enough, I'm no mind reader, please make it plain what and how you want me to represent your figures.


l offer basing services if you wish them, these can range from the very simply to the outrageous with prices to match. The 18mm AB voltiguers below are based on plastic sheet with a mixture of putty, sand and reed tufts, oh and some very tiny twigs and gravel from my garden (they are provided gratis). This is a reasonably simple yet effective method for flocking bases

This time something a little more intricate, a piece I made as a birthday present for a friend of the Yankee cause. Once again similar materials as above with the addition of various flocks, tufts and scatter material. This would be perfect for your Impetus style bases but of course it is material heavy, time consuming and outrageously priced.


I do not paint at any great pace, so claim virtue and be patient, I will get your figures done as soon as able.

Plastic multi-part figures should be assembled before being dispatched for painting unless otherwise agreed to beforehand.

Sorry but I will not paint figures that aren't up to the job, why would you throw money at having sub par figures painted anyway? Of course even reputable companies have their problems occasionally so read the next part carefully.

I will remove flash and mold lines from your figures as a normal course of the commission. Excessive pitting and other cast in defects can ruin a good paint job and be jolly annoying, in most cases these defects can be fixed however if excessive I may have to charge a small fee to rectify these problems.

I will not purchase the figures for you, you can arrange to have figures delivered to me from the supplier. This must be arranged in advance.

In most cases I will post updates via this blog (unless advised otherwise) and email you a link so you can follow the progress of your job, anonymity will be respected.

I will keep anything that isn't paid for and will sell it to recoup my efforts.

I would like to make this service informal and friendly, often money and payment problems can work counter to that, so please make sure you understand the above bold statement fully. After recouping my due the remainder of the funds will be sent to a registered charity, you can choose which if you like..

Dixon ACW painted with a washes and heavy glaze

Dave aka The Paint Pig